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...And Justice for All.

Hey guys. I'm back.

Life has been... rather wonderful lately. I've gotten back my Prelim One results and they're not all that bad. Rather decent, actually.

English: 75/100 (A1)
Chemistry: 74.5/100 (A2)
Physics: 57.5/100 (C5)
Literature: 67/100 (B3)
C.Humans: 71/100 (A2)
Mathematics: 71/100 (A2)
H.Chinese: 63/100 (B4)

L1R5: 14, Average for best 6 subjects: 70.2%

It's quite decent for Prelim One, with all those rumors floating about throughout school that Prelim One is meant to kill students. Sure, I have friends who have scores of twenties and thirties, but it's not the end of the fight yet, and after my break, I'll continue fighting towards my dream.

But enough about grades. My goal to serve my country as a deputy public prosecutor and eventually an honorable judge has been reinforced countless times this year, and it's a blessing, in some ways.

Firstly, I served as a public prosecutor myself in a class trial during Literature class. It's beautiful how Literature allows you to do so much. It's a lesson about life, actually, and it makes you all the more insightful to how the world works. The defendant in the case was the infamous Abigail Williams, the mastermind behind the infamous Salem Witch Trials in the Crucible by Arthur Miller, and I began my assault, to convict Abigail of first-degree murder for the Witch hunts.

It was also my first encounter, my first true encounter, with the art of cross examination. It isn't the same as the Ace Attorney games, not entirely. Through my questions, I tried to control the tide of the trial, by making my witnesses say whatever I wanted them too, that would be beneficial to my case. Basically, all they had to say were "Yes", or "No", and when the defense, who was played by my rival, tried to appeal that Williams had a traumatic past, it was thrilling to shatter his case by proving that she had the capability to think rationally and try to escape the long hand of justice. Someone who has shown that level of competency should be logical enough to think about the consequences of her actions, and thus, her traumatic past was no excuse for her contemptible behavior.

The cut and thrust of cross examination was so much more thrilling as compared to debating in my opinion, even though they shared many similarities. It also made me feel... alive, for once. I had this fire, this passion for justice burning through me, to win and put away the evil defendant for her crimes against society. Even though she was ultimately declared not guilty of murder, and guilty of manslaughter, I felt like I had done my best.

It was a tie. My strategy to prove that she was more than capable to think rationally as compared to my rival's strategy of establishing mental instability as a form of defense. Since it was a tie, the prosecution has not proven her guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, and thus, she could not have been convicted for murder in the first degree. Even though it was a defeat of some sort (I wonder what von Karma would say if he saw me getting thrashed in my first "trial"), it made me feel accomplished in the end.

Secondly, I met an old senior over at Facebook. He was from the Literature class two years ago, and is now studying Arts in Victoria Junior College and he has even made it so far into becoming the president of the Debates Association in the college. The best thing is, he had even gone through an internship in the Attorney General's Office with the Deputy Public Prosecutors.

Apparently, prosecutors in Singapore have to go through lots of trials of prisoners and argue for their prosecution. They would then argue whether they are guilty or not, and the sentence they should be charged with, which would be opposed by the defense lawyer and defendant. It doesn't pay all that well, only a monthly sum of four thousand and five hundred dollars, but it made me all the more resolved to become a deputy prosecutor that fights for the good for the people.

And he left me with a really insightful quote.

"There's nothing great about being a lawyer. The greatest thing is to be yourself."

For me, I want to become a prosecutor to safeguard the security of the community and to give some reprieve to the victims of horrible crime. It might be stressful, it might not pay all that well, but I don't really care. I believe this is what I'm meant for, it's my vocation, and I'll do whatever I must to achieve my goals.

Thirdly, the Phoenix Wright musical. The Decree of the Prosecutor, Edgeworth's song, really fits with what I'm thinking now.

Even though I've fallen, I'll rise again.
I admit that I've made mistakes.
A new day will soon begin, and I swear that I will win,
Yes, I'll do whatever it takes!
Staunchly, I'll ascend to the top again.
I won't let another go free.
I know this is not the end, I feel a new fire within:
A personal renaissance in me!

I fight for truth! I fight for justice,
So that all families can safely sleep at night.
To stop criminalization, I pursue incarceration. For security,
I'll fight you until your spirit breaks!
I'll fight, no matter what is at stake!
Not fame! Not glory! But this courtroom purgatory
is the reason I fight...

Even though I'm no longer the top student as I was two years ago, I'll not give up on my dream. I'll do whatever it takes to achieve it, and I can feel the fire of passion burning through me and energizing me. Don't give up on your endeavours, f-list!


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May. 21st, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
That sounds like a really valuable and interesting experience ^^ Also, it's really admirable that you know exactly what your dream is and are so set on achieving it. I wish you all the best with reaching that goal! :)
May. 21st, 2011 09:04 pm (UTC)
The path toward every dream has a few bumps in the road. But you have so much passion and will that I know you can do it!
May. 22nd, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)
That sounds like a really valuable experience. XD I'm glad you had it! ♥

~Also, it is really awesome that you have a goal that you're striving for. Sure, there are probably going to be some hardships along the way, but with your conviction I believe you will succeed. Good luck! :)

~Awesome grades! :)
Sep. 29th, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
Wondered how you were getting on. I'm studying the Graduate Diploma in Law at the moment - a three year post-graduate course condensed into one year with a view to joining the Crown Prosecution service in a couple of years time. So hopefully we can help each other out if we ever get stuck!

Edited at 2012-09-29 09:47 pm (UTC)
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