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Because I was bored

I tried my hands at some writing. I was bored, and after finishing P3P, I had a sudden burst of inspiration.

Don't get your hopes too high, alright? This is a slightly AU story, where Minato takes Pharos/Ryoji's place as the Harbinger of Death.

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Ramblings and memes.

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Memes. First one, from atrypical

mysoundtrackmeme ♫
♪ my thread

moeruzepikachu gave me a meme~

Give me a boy/girl from a fandom and I will give you my:

☀ OTP for them.
☀ Runner-up pairing.
☀ Honorable mention(s).
☀ Crack pairing(s).
☀ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.

Another one from moeruzepikachu

Leave me an anonymous comment. It can be one sentence [or even just a word], or you can pour your heart out and write me a book. Anything you want to tell me - from what you think about me to what you think about yourself, to a situation you don't know how to resolve, to anything random or pop culture-y that you just want to talk about - venting, squeeing, anything! Don't hold back.

First Post

Well, before starting, I'm steer2justice


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